Club Calendar including Show/Trial Schedules


Club Calendar

Date Event Further Information
3rd July Committee Meeting Skype Meeting
12th August BCCNSW Tracking Trial  
21st August Annual General Meeting Secretary's Hut, Orchard Hills
7th October BCCNSW Champ & Obedience Trial Schedule now available, see below
20 & 21 October BCCNSW Herding Trials Details to be available soon



BCCNSW Show/Trial Schedules



Contact Details


President:                    Lauren Somers


Secretary:                    Ann Moy          


                                      (02) 6337 3393

Treasurer:                    Julia Lawrie    treasurer@bccnsw.com

Publicity Officer:         Ann Lenehan   publicity@bccnsw.com

Puppy Sales:               Ann Moy     puppysales@bccnsw.com

BC Rescue:                 Julie Gray  


                                      or check out www.bcra.org.au

                                      (02) 4267 1757