Code of Ethics


BCCNSW Code of Ethics

As a member of the Border Collie Club of NSW Inc I agree to abide by the following code of ethics effective from 1 January 2007: -

A. Caring for my Border Collie – I will:

  1. Maintain my dogs in good health and in the best possible care and conditions.
  2. Keep only the number of dogs that I can properly care for.
  3. Ensure that my dogs are always under effective control even when I am away from home.
  4. Love and care for my dogs for all of their life, and accepting that dogs, like people, grow old and may need special care and attention.

B. Breeding my Border Collie – I will:

  1. Breed only for the purpose of maintaining or improving the standard of the Border Collie.
  2. Breed my dogs/bitch only when mature (dogs from approx 12 months and bitches from approx 18 months).
  3. Hip & elbow score all my breeding stock prior to breeding from them (applicable to animals whelped after 1 January 2001).
  4. Breed only from dogs that have been DNA tested for CL (and TNS when the test is available) before breeding or are known to be clear by parentage.
  5. Only ever breed litters which have at least one parent DNA normal for CL (and TNS when the test is available).
  6. Ensure that one parent of every litter is DNA clear for CEA either by testing or by parentage.
  7. Not allow my bitch to have a second litter within 12 months of a previous litter except under extenuating circumstances.
  8. Rest my bitch for at least 12 months following her having two litters within 12 months.
  9. Register all Border Collie puppies bred by me with the appropriate State governing body for purebred dogs (eg, Dogs NSW).

C. Selling my Border Collie Puppies – I will:

  1. Sell or otherwise transfer a puppy no sooner than seven (7) days after its first vaccination and no younger than eight (8) weeks of age.
  2. Microchip all puppies bred by me where it is required by state law.
  3. Sell only puppies and adult dogs which to the best of my knowledge, are of sound health and have an appropriate temperament for their intended purpose.
  4. Not misrepresent the characteristics of the Border Collie nor the performance of my dogs.
  5. Show all health certificates for the parents of a litter to potential puppy buyers prior to sale of the puppy.
  6. Provide puppy buyers with copies of DNA results where genetic tests are available for both parents of litters & eye certificates from a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist for any puppies that do not have one parent DNA normal for CEA.
  7. Provide puppy buyers with copies of hip & elbow results for the parents.
  8. Ensure that people acquiring puppies from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the puppies, and that they have the time and facilities to meet their obligations.
  9. Provide an information package to purchasers of puppies sold or placed by me. The package will contain details of dietary, worming, and immunization requirements, responsible dog ownership, Ceriod Lipofuscinosis (CL or Storage Disease), Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Hip Displasia (HD), Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD), Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS) and an Application for Membership of the Club with a copy of this Code of Ethics.
  10. Not allow a puppy to be a prize in a contest, raffle, or auction, nor sell a puppy to a dealer, pet shop, or any person who I have reason to believe will not properly care for the puppy.

D. Supporting the Border Collie Club – I will:

  1. Uphold the honor of the Club and further its objectives.
  2. Promote good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst members and those participating in, or attending, shows or trials.
  3. Authorise the Club to publish names and details of any of my dogs found to be affected by an identifiable hereditary disease/defect.


Aspects of this Code of Ethics will be revised on a regular basis and following methods of genetic testing for inheritable disease and disorders becoming available.