Code of Ethics





This Code of Ethics has been adopted by Member Clubs of the National Border Collie Council of Australia and is applicable to all club members.

1.      Caring for my Border Collie – I will:

  1. Maintain my dogs in good health and in the best possible care and conditions.
  2. Keep only the number of dogs that I can properly care for, taking into consideration State legislation and local Council regulations.
  3. Ensure that my dogs are always under effective control even when I am away from home.
  4. Love and care for my dogs for all of their life, and accept that dogs, like people, grow old and may need special care and attention. 

2.      Breeding my Border Collie – I will:

  1. Breed only for the purpose of maintaining or improving the health, temperament, general working ability and standard of the Border Collie.
  2. Breed my dog/bitch only when mature. 
    As determined by my Dogs Australia State Body and State or Local Government Legislation, I will not allow a bitch to:

2.2.1      mate before the minimum permitted age,

2.2.2      whelp more than twice within the allowable time period,

2.2.3      breed a bitch over the maximum permitted age without a veterinary certificate,

2.2.4      whelp more than the maximum number of litters in her lifetime. 

  1. Hip & elbow score all my breeding stock prior to breeding from them.
  2. Breed only from dogs that have been DNA tested for all relevant genetic diseases for which a DNA test is currently available, and do not accept clear by parentage for breeding dogs unless a certificate has been provided by a laboratory.
  3. Only ever breed litters which have at least one parent DNA normal/clear for each disease with an available genetic test. Carrier dogs, or dogs Affected/At risk with/for non-fatal diseases should not be precluded from breeding programs, provided the chosen mate is clear of that condition. 
  4. Register all Border Collie puppies bred with the appropriate Dogs Australia State Body.
  5. Abide by all Dogs Australia State Body Code of Ethics not mentioned above.

3.      Selling my Border Collie Puppies – I will:

  1. Sell or otherwise transfer a puppy no sooner than seven (7) days after its first vaccination and no younger than eight (8) weeks of age.
  2. Microchip all puppies bred by me as is required by state law.
  3. Sell only puppies and adult dogs which to the best of my knowledge are of sound health and have an appropriate temperament for their intended purpose.
  4. Not misrepresent the characteristics of the Border Collie nor the performance of my dogs.
  5. Provide puppy buyers with evidence of genetic testing results, hip and elbow scoring results, and the latest eye certificates (where appropriate) of the sire and dam prior to the sale of the puppy.
  6. Ensure that people acquiring puppies clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the puppies and that they have the time and facilities to meet these requirements. 
  7. Provide an information package to purchasers of puppies. The package will contain details of dietary, worming, and immunisation requirements, responsible dog ownership, and an Application for Membership of the member Border Collie Club (if applicable) with a copy of this Code of Ethics. 
  8. Not allow a puppy to be a prize in a contest, raffle, or auction, nor sell a puppy to a dealer, pet shop, or any person who I have reason to believe will not properly care for the puppy.
  9. Provide all reasonable assistance to take a puppy back or assist in rehoming if needed.

4.      As a Member of a Border Collie Breed Club, under the National Border Collie Council – I will:

  1. Abide by this Code of Ethics.
  2. Uphold the honour of the Club and further its objectives. 
  3. Promote good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst members and those participating in, or attending, shows or trials.


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(Document edited by the NBCC Health Subcommittee October 2022)