Sensory Neuropathy (SN)


Inheritance: Autosomal recessive

Symptoms: Clinical signs include ataxia, abnormal gait, muscle atrophy, knuckling of the paws and hyperetended limbs. Urinary incontinence and regurgitation may occur as the disease progresses. 


SN is a progressive, severe neurological disease caused by degeneration of nerve cells. Affected dogs present between 2-7 months of age. Affected dogs lose feeling in the all limbs and develop an inability to recognise the position of limbsin space. Hind limbs tend to be more severely affecged than front limbs. Affected dogs will often chew on their lower limbs and feet as they lose feeling resultingin severe wounds.

Affected dogs are often euthanased within 18 months of diagnosis due to quality of life concerns. Mainly found in dogs of ISDS origin including carrier dogs imported into Australia.

Video of an affected pup 

The mutation was identified and the DNA test developed by the Animal Health Trust UK in 2015.