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Is a Border Collie the Breed for you?

Do you want a lively, loyal and agile dog with intelligence meaning that they are easily trained.  Are you the type of owner that is caring, active and patient, willing to involve the dog in family activities, willing and able to train the Border Collie and willing to groom the dog once a week.

Border Collies are very intelligent but because of that intelligence, if allowed to do as they please, they may think up some mischief, like children, they need to be trained from an early age.

Border Collies Need:

  • Daily exercise:- They really require a good stretch-out in the park at least twice a week, remember they are a working breed. They are an ideal companion if you are a jogger, or if you just like to go for a walk.
  • Weekly grooming (at least). Because of the particular texture of the Border Collie coat it very rarely tangles. This only happens when it is losing its coat and at this time it will require more brushing to remove the loose dead hairs, as they will matt if left unattended.

  • Regular well balanced meals is only required as an overweight dog will have its life shortened considerably. Your dog can however be given a hard biscuit or a large raw bone to chew on, to clean its teeth and exercise its gums (this will help prevent doggy breath).

  • Attention from owner and others. The Border Collie needs to be a part of its family

  • Plenty of training, play and attention to prevent boredom.

  • Keep your dog free of worms, worm them 4 times a year (more often in young puppies). Heart worm is now prevalent in most areas and therefore, it is very necessary for dogs to be given preventative tablets.

  • Vaccinations:- ensure that your dog receives an annual booster injection for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo-virus and Kennel Cough.

  • A dry warm kennel to shelter from the rain, cold and summer sun.



Border Collie Rescue

Sadly from time to time Border Collies find themselves in situations where they can no longer be kept by their original owners.  In these cases we would encourage those owners to contact the original breeder of their dog.

In NSW, Julie Gray from Border Collie Rescue Australia assists in finding these Border Collie new loving homes.

For more information on dogs available contact Julie through the following channels

Email:  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 

Phone: (02) 42671757

Website : www.bcra.org.au