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Border Collie Club of NSW

The Border Collie Club of NSW Inc was inaugurated on 16 January 1980 with a foundation membership of 41 members. The Club's membership has grown over the years and the club has developed a reputation for being very involved in all canine matters and very pro-active in many fields, in particular regarding health issues for our breed.

The Club's aim has always been the responsible ownership and breeding of Border Collies.  Responsible ownership and breeding includes the care, health and breeding of Border Collies, and the promoting of activities in which Border Collies can participate. Since the formation of the Club, the Club' has been involved in Breed displays at Spring Fairs, Dogs on Show, Dog Lovers and Royals.  There is a continuous involvement with the ongoing ANKC Judges Training scheme, to provide knowledge of this breed to Trainee judges and education to our members. The Club holds events such as Championship Shows, Obedience & Rally O Trials, Agility/Jumping Trials, Herding and Tracking Trials each year to provide Border Collie enthusiasts a chance to participate in an event tailored for Border Collies.  The Club provides support to the Border Collie Rescue service, run by a very dedicated BC lover – Julie Gray – and we extend our thanks and appreciation to Julie for her ongoing work in this area.

In 1988 the Club established a register for dogs who had been x-rayed and scored under an approved Hip Dysplasia scheme and continues to encourage members to participate in this. A further register was established to record the results of dogs and litters eye tested for CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) and in 1989 the club formed a 'Storage Disease' (Ceroid Lipofuscinosis) sub committee to liaise with interstate clubs and keep members informed on new developments and research into this hereditary disease affecting the breed. Research into DNA mapping offered hope for a breakthrough and finance for this worthwhile research was raised by the fundraising efforts of dedicated Club members and the generosity of the RNSWCC and Apex who made substantial donations. The Club was also successful in a submission to the government in 1999 which resulted in a five year grant to fund DNA research at the University of NSW. In 2003 the ongoing cost of this research was further assisted by a generous donation from The Batten's Disease Support and Research Association (Batten’s Disease is the human equivalent to CL). 2005 will be remembered as a milestone year as this exhaustive CL research resulted in the discovery of the gene involved and made possible the long awaited DNA test for Border Collie enthusiasts world wide. Border Collie breeders around the world now benefit from the availability of DNA tests for CEA, TNS and CL. In recent years the club has provided generous donations to The Batten’s Disease Association to thank them for their initial research support.

During the years members of the club - in particular our country, interstate and overseas members - have been kept informed of happenings within the Club by our Monthly publication "Bordertales". The newsletter provides members with educational information and articles concerning our breed, show and trial results, a service to members regarding litter notification and puppy sales and a record of the club meetings. Other 'publishing' efforts by the club have included numerous issues of a Stud Dog Register, the publication of a Year Book and submission of numerous articles to the Dogs NSW Journal and other publications. We also recently undertook a community service project, supplying 20 schools in the western Sydney area with copies of a book to help educate children and promote positive interaction with dogs.

In mid 2000's, the Border Collie Club of NSW established this website as another means of communicating with it's members and to provide information to the public about Border Collies. As the use of the internet has grown, this website has become an essential means to inform everyone on Border Collies and matters pertaining to the club.

2002 saw the successful formation of the breed's National Breed Council and the Border Collie Club of NSW Inc supported the establishment of this Council and has delegates actively involved in Council activities. The NSW club agreed to host the inaugural National Breed Show and Trial and event, held in April 2006, was a resounding success. The event featured herding, obedience, jumping and agility trials and a conformation show which attracted record entries across all disciplines. Combined with a fantastic opening ceremony and a great closing dinner, presentations and auction – the event will be long remembered as a highlight in the club’s history!

The future will see our club continue to grow and provide a service to our members and a worthwhile contribution to the 'dog scene' generally. The growth of the breed's popularity and its involvement in all aspects of the Dog World should be supported and encouraged by a dedicated breed club. If we all continue to work together, educate the public and promote the best breed - the Border Collie - in a responsible and positive manner - the success of our club in years to come will be assured.

2022/2023 Committee


Lauren Somers      (02) 4774 8018                                                           nahrof@iinet.net.au

Vice President                                                   

Courtney Spencer

Secretary  Ann Moy                                            (02) 6337 3393                                    secretary@bccnsw.com

Treasurer  Julia Lawrie                                       treasurer.bccnsw@gmail.com

Show/Trial Secretary                                           Lynne Cook

Trophy Manager

Agility Trial Manager                                           Ann Lenehan

Obedience Trial Manager                                     Julie Huber

Herding Trial Manager                                         Sue Fedoryschyn

Publicity Officer                                                   Courtney Walpole                                     publicity.bccnsw@gmail.com

General Committee                                              Karen Edwards                                Deb Richardson                                 Patrice Smith

Puppy Sales                                                     Sandy O'Neill                                           puppysales.bccnsw.com@gmail.com