Imerslund-Grasbeck Syndrome


Inheritance: Autosomal recessive

Symptoms: Are variable and seen from 3+ months to young adults. These include anorexia, lethary, poor weight gain, poor muscle mass and general malaise that intensifies after eating.


An inherited gastrointestinal disease where dogs are unable to absorb Vitamin B12 through the gut. Affected dogs are unable to make adequate amounts of a protein that plays a role in the absorption of nutrients from the gut, including Vit B12 (cobalamin). Many dogs are undiagnosed which leads to an extremely painful condition due an ulcerated gut. The condition can be successfully managed by monthly Vit B12 injections for life if caught in time.

IGS appears to be widespread in working border collies of UK origin (ISDS and ABCA). Carriers have been imported into Australia.

The DNA test was introduced around mid 2014.