Raine Syndrome /Dental Hypomineralisation (RS/DH)


Inheritance: Autosomal recessive

Symptoms: Inadequate mineralisation of teeth results in brittle, light to dark brown teeth.


RS/DH is an inherited developmental tooth disease affecting border collies. It causes severe tooth wear resulting in pulpitis requiring extraction of those teeth.

Affected dogs have inadequate mineralization of teeth resulting in brittle, light to dark brown teeth which are prone to cracking and severe, premature wear of the chewing surfaces. Over time, excessive wear of tooth enamel often results in exposure of inner tooth pulp causing severe pain and inflammation as well as increasing risk of oral infection and irreparable damage to teeth.

Treatment is extraction of all teeth and/or very expensive capping. 

The disease occurs in border collies of ANKC origin. A DNA test became available in 2017.

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