Welcome to the Border Collie Club of NSW!

The Club is a non-profit organisation focused on promoting the Border Collie breed and is an affiliated club of Dogs NSW.

The Club promotes proper care of all dogs, and provides events such as Breed Conformation Exhibition, Obedience, Rally-O, Agility & Jumping, Tracking and Herding Trials specifically for Border Collies. The Club also strives to minimise the incidence of hereditary diseases in Border Collies.  Every year the club holds Championship Shows, Obedience, Agility/Jumping, Rally-O, Herding and Tracking Trials. For the club's next event, please go to the Club Calendar or for details of the next Show or Trial, please go to Club Schedules. 

Correspondence can be directed to the secretary of the club via email to secretary@bccnsw.com

Meetings are held at Bill Spilstead Complex, 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills.

  • General Meetings are held the FIRST TUESDAY of every even month, visitors welcomed

Committee Meetings are held on the alternate months






Championship Show, Obedience & Rally O Trials & Agility/Jumping Trials are to be held on the 8th April 2017.

Schedule are now available, please see Club Schedules on this website.

Please note that this show/trials are being held on the top rings near the Amenities Building, not the usual  GSD rings.  Ring details will be made available prior to the show/trials.



A Herding Trial will be held on the 20th May 2017.  The Schedule is now available on this website for further details.



Contact Details


President:                    Lauren Somers


Secretary:                    Ann Moy          


                                      (02) 6337 3393

Treasurer:                    Julia Lawrie    treasurer@bccnsw.com

Publicity Officer:         Patrice Smith   publicity@bccnsw.com

Puppy Sales:               Ann Moy     puppysales@bccnsw.com

BC Rescue:                 Julie Gray  


                                      or check out www.bcra.org.au

                                      (02) 4267 1757                

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